Featured Photo: Don Macanlalay


“I was shooting a video at Manasas National Battlefield Park, which had endless rolling fields. After we had packed everything up, I wanted to snap some photos on my iPhone using the picnic blanket as sort of a flag. You always see american flags and state flags draped over shoulders on IG, so I thought would be a nice mix to use the blanket as the visual cue for the …continue…

Featured Photo: Eduardo Escamilla


“These pictures were taken at a music store in silver spring, md. The picture in the [bottom] is part of a concentration I recently finished. Which was to capture the beauty of the places i visit, the character of the people I encounter, and to achieve a vision or a connection.The picture above was taken at same location which simply connects to the one above. My name is Eduardo Escamilla. …continue…

Featured Photo: Katie Fielding


Katie Fielding is a science teacher by day and a film photographer all day everyday. She was a featured artist last August where InstantDC photographer Keith Lane met up with her in between their own respective travels and had a chance to interview her. Today we feature a wonderful portrait she captured of her friend Ashleigh in her neighborhood of Columbia Heights before she moved across the country to Seattle. …continue…

Featured Photo: Sut Sae-Tia


“I myself am not a photographer by trade. I started my interest in photography when I started Instagram almost a year ago. Photography makes me aware and take notice of beauty around me. I quite enjoy that. I think I am still in learning process.” Follow Sut’s work here: Instagram

Featured Photo: Liz Libbrecht


Liz Libbrecht aka “las_estrellas” is one of D.C.’s finest mobile photographers. Her daily photos depict a life of fashion, art, food and colorful architecture. They look so much like works of art that it would make Bob Ross put down his brush and stop painting “happy little trees”. We are so glad to finally showcase her work to all of you and here is what Liz had to say about …continue…