Featured Photo: Chris McDaniel


“I took this picture in Bar Pillar as I was struck by the blond woman’s hair, and how the light was hitting it. I like to create images with negative space so I saw the potential for that here and enhanced that look.” “Christopher McDaniel. I’m a Washington, DC photographer who has been capturing images for over 20 years. My’ work has ranged from fine art photography, Polaroid manipulations, travel, …continue…

Featured Photo: John Lujan


“My wife and I decided to take a stroll after dinner. We were in Georgetown, and we began to look for alleys to explore. There was this really old, but bright, light in this specific narrow alley. I asked her to walk towards me, and I just snapped the photo. I love photography, I love my city, and I love salteñas.”   Follow John’s work here: Instagram

Featured Photo: Eduardo Escamilla


“These pictures were taken at a music store in silver spring, md. The picture in the [bottom] is part of a concentration I recently finished. Which was to capture the beauty of the places i visit, the character of the people I encounter, and to achieve a vision or a connection.The picture above was taken at same location which simply connects to the one above. My name is Eduardo Escamilla. …continue…

Featured Photo: Joe Weinberger

Joe Weinberger_InstantDC

“I took this picture while our train was pulling into Union Station on the way back from NYC. We were in the last car so we had a great view out the back window of everything we were passing along the way. I asked my wife (@eweinberger) to step up and look out the window. I loved how the window let just the right amount of light inside the train. …continue…

Featured Photo: Adam Harden


“My name is Adam Harden. I’m a native Washingtonian. I’m an amateur photographer. A non desk job hard worker. Images fire my synapses. This image was not staged like all the photos I take a just walked into it. DC has wonderful architecture, symmetry, light and color so I try to compose often along those lines.” Follow Adam’s work here: Instagram