Photo of the Week – Ximena Uribe


InstantDC is excited to present the #InstantDC Photo of the Week, shot by the talented Ximena Uribe (@ximoteo). Ximena has an excellent eye and an amazing collection of wonderful images on her feed–this is just one of many we love. Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations, Ximena! Fantastic work!


I took this photo specifically for #vanishingsunday. It is one of the few footbridges/overpasses in Delaware. I think footbridges have the most amazing vanishing points so every time I go pass one, I try to get to it.

I straightened this with snapseed. Then, I used Phototoaster… I dont remember the filter… maybe filter “dramatic” and modify the hue to make it more brown… I think.

About me: I had no interest in photography until I got into mobile photography. I am addicted to Instagram and it makes me very happy to be one of the co-administrators of Instagramers Delaware.

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