Photo of the Week: Lance Heckathorn

InstantDC is excited to present the #InstantDC Photo of the Week, shot by the talented Lance Heckathorn (@lancegunner). Lance is an amazingly skilled photographer and incredibly gifted artist. He has a wonderful collection of expertly composed, extremely creative and absolutely fascinating images on his feed–this is just one of many we loved. Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations, Lance! Fantastic work!


This photo was created during school but ssshhhhh don’t tell my mom! I was getting extremely bored in class so I decided to mess around with some pics until I realized what I wanted to do. I took a pic of my sister which was a portrait pic on a black background. I took that pic into snapseed to black out the background even more using the tune image tool and after that I used the tune image tool to make her all white. Then I went to picfx and used the invert filter which made the background white and her black. Next I went to blender and blended the pic of the road that was edited in vsco cam that I took in Nanjemoy, MD. After that went to picfx and used one of the textures. That’s my process which took forever!


My name is Lance Heckathorn and I’m 17 years old from Southern Maryland. I enjoy photography very much and am considering studying it in college. If I’m not taking pictures I’m playing soccer which is my true passion and hoping to go far in that one day! But photography has really taken control of my life lately which I have no problem with!




IG: @lancegunner

Twitter: @lancegunner