Photo of the Week: Sut Sae-Tia

InstantDC is pleased to present the #InstantDC Photo of the Week, shot by the talented Sut Sae-Tia (@introvertmind). Sut is an extremely versatile and incredibly skilled photographer, which shines through clearly in the awesome collection of amazing images on his feed. This shot here is just one of many we loved. Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations, Sut! Truly fantastic work!

Description: My name is Sut. I have been living in DC for three years. I still enjoy discovering new places in the city.

I started and taught myself photography with iPhone, or Instagram to be specific, early this year. Now I can not stop finding interesting things to shoot.

About the photograph: I shot this when I visited the Newseum. It was an interesting museum actually. This is a photo of a back wall of an elevator. I noticed the metal texture and the light reflected on it. It was quite a challenge, as the elevator was moving up and down all the time, so I had a hard time steadying the iPhone. Then, I edited it with Snapseed and Instagram.

Follow Sut’s work here:

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