H Street Festival 2012


H Street Festival 2012 kicked off with a ton of live music.

Baltimore Rock Opera’s Brolympics gave the public a chance to play air guitar and dress up like members of GWAR.

1351B H Street NE (Next to Rock ‘n Roll Hotel) showcased all ages hardcore shows for free.

The Black Sparks showed that the youth of today are still hardcore.

Coke Bust is straight edge hardcore band from Washington, D.C. featuring Nicktape (vocals), James Willett (guitar), Chris Moore (drums) and Daniel Jubert (bass).

Coke Bust: Chris Moore (drums) and Daniel Jubert (bass)

Coke Bust: Daniel Jubert (bass) and Nicktape (vocals)

Coke Bust turning the volume up to 11

Cheap trills.

Shoot the J, shoot it.

D.C.’s finest walked among us: InstantDC and Mobile Photo Group member Greg Schmigel.

Photo bomb 101 with InstantDC founder James Campbell

H Street makes everyone happy

The barber shop was open during the festival


Sidewalk stands were setup as people spilled off the street

This is what happens when you forget to wind your film forward. Matt Dunn and Joshua Yospyn capturing models behind the catwalk

Lady selling beads with her umbrella

Photos 1 – 13 by Michael Andrade: Minolta X-700 | Kodak Portra 400 film
Photos 14 – 17 by James Campbell: Argoflex TLR (modified to accept 120 format) | Fuji Reala 100 film