Featured Artist: SNACKTRUCK Media

(Photo by Michael Andrade)


SNACKTRUCK Media is Ian Roche and Bradley W. Johnson. They are both photographers/videographers from Arlington, Virginia.


1. How did you two meet?


Ian: “Brad and I first met at H-B Woodlawn Middle School in Arlington when we were assigned the same home room.”


Bradley: “I think you had a Penguin Tamagotchi and I was like oh that’s cool.”


Ian: “And we play a shit load of video games cause we’re both nerdy Asian kids. That’s like the entire basis of our friendship!”

(Photo by Michael Andrade)


2. What made you decide to start a company together?


Bradley: “Ian pitched the idea around for awhile and we thought wouldn’t it be great to combine forces. The opportunity came when Ian was on the board for Fashions Night Out, which is a famous event in Georgetown, in 2010. Ian asked me to help out with the video portion.


Ian: “I wanted Bradley to make a video or two at first; then we started to get more work. From there, we decided to form a company so we achieve credit professionally for our artist work.”


Bradley: “During our experience at the Fashions Night Out event, I felt that we really created a company for ourselves. Through that experience another organization then asked us to do their Awards Presentation and also attend the opening. Next thing we knew, we needed business cards…”


Ian: “We came up with this name SNACKTRUCK Media because I had been pitching the idea of opening a food truck because it I was really into it. But this seemed like a legitimate idea to make money so I’ll just do this instead.


(Photo by Michael Andrade)


3. What is your partnership like in SNACKTRUCK Media since you both are very different?


Bradley: “I think we both share the same interest for photography and film. But it does vary from time to time! Sometimes, depending on the project, we will definitely show a higher interest in one or the other. For me, I choose to go to VCU for animation and with a concentration on video.”

Ian: “I would definitely say that Brad has more of the artistic mind. And I can definitely admit that he has more of an artistic eye than me. My role in the company is more technical oriented since I tend to seek out the new technology. I am also really into video, that’s really where my heart is. I just watched “Moonrise Kingdom” and Wes Anderson is a huge influence for me.”


(Photo by Michael Andrade)


4. Is SNACKTRUCK Media a full time job for you both?


Ian: “For the last couple of years, I’ve been helping manage my parents’ business in D.C. called Roche Salon. In addition, I also have a couple of other small businesses that I am currently helping people with.

Brad: “During the day, I currently work for a non-profit Architecture based organization named the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. At night, I focus on SNACKTRUCK projects. However, like Ian, I would eventually like to have SNACKTRUCK Media as our full time job.”

(Photo by Michael Andrade)


5. The company has recorded many videos for Dance For The Dying, a local DC band. Can you describe your relationship with the band?


Ian: “It turns out that the band’s guitarist, Josh Hunter, was dating our friend and Bradley’s roommate at the time. We have known Kathryn Parker, the girlfriend, since middle school. A year or two later after establishing the band, they naturally needed media coverage and we gladly offered our services. We started off by filming their live shows because I think it’s important to promote small local businesses, music and artists. It’s tough in D.C. and the band is made up of really cool and talented people who we’re really good friends with.”


(Photo by SNACKTRUCK Media)


6. Speaking of Kathryn Parker she is also a local D.C. photographer, correct?


Ian: “Yes, Kathryn’s professional name is machinedance photography. She’s a really cool artist who is known for her many interesting set shots and vintage captures by creating an engaging scene. She happens to also do tons of photography for the band as well.”


(photo by machinedance photography)

7. We heard that you recently produced rapper Marky‘s first album?


Ian: “The company didn’t tackled music yet but we got the opportunity to meet Marky through a mutual friend who runs a music blog called “illvibes.co“.  Marky was having some challenges with connecting to the world through social media by the new constant demand of putting out video online.  He wasn’t linked up with the right people to have a solid presence on the Internet, so we thought this would be a perfect for us to do.  On his next project, we walked Marky through the entire project with him to include art direction for videos, album art, track list and picking out the right production. The coolest part is that I have always been into hip hop music and I was honored to be a part of the process of creating an album.


Bradley:“I thought it was a really great opportunity to collaborate with Marky by making his Winning Streak group videos. Even during my days in college, I have always wanted to do something within music industry.  Producing the imagery, directing the photo shoot and handling promotion really spoke to me.”

(Photo by SNACKTRUCK Media)


8. What are your plans for expanding pass the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area?


Bradley: “I am hoping to expand pass the area since our Company’s YouTube page has cultivated the most traffic from Japan. During my travel to California, I had the opportunity to film Japanese singer named Ayu Hamasaki which gave SNACKTRUCK Media tons of exposure.

(Photo by Michael Andrade)


9. Sounds like a dream client for you. What other people would you want to work with?


Bradley: “I would love to and hopefully get to work with her again; it was a great experience capturing her on video for a SNACKTRUCK Media video.  Also, I would like to work under Annie Leibovitz for maybe a day, just to see how she does her things. I’ve always admired her photography since she was one of my influences in high school and college. As well as Jerry Uelsmann although, I don’t think he does his thing anymore.

Ian: I’m working on a film right now and I will definitely take a lot of queues from Wes Andersen, so I would say I’d love to work with him. I think he’s a fucking genius. However, I am still interested in doing indie projects since I always tell small artists that the budget is not always the biggest concern for me.”

(Photo by SNACKTRUCK Media)


10. Whats next for SNACKTRUCK Media for the rest of the year?


Ian: “We’ve been working on a short film where I’ll be writing and directing it while Brad’s been helping me produce it. We also have a new web series called “Food Truck Hunters” showcasing the food trucks explosion in the District. The series will be featuring photographer Danni Moody, food blogger Kimmie Nguyen and photographer Michael Andrade. SNACKTRUCK Media wanted to be a part of the food truck community and promote their product.”

(Photo by Michael Andrade)

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