Featured #IDC2011 Artist Interview – Scott Williams

1. What inspired you to start making photographs on your iphone? 

I actually fell in to iphoneography purely by accident. In the first two years that I owned in iphone I probably took less than 20 pictures with the device. It was only after I stumbled upon someone’s project 365 site on Tumblr that I realized that there was more to mobile photography than just taking pictures of my family while on the go. I was amazed with how many forms of art were possible from a single device and was instantly hooked.



2.  What other artists out there inspire you?

There are so many out there today and with the different communities available to us via Twitter, Instragram, Flickr, etc I am finding more and more every day. If I had to pick a few, probably those I am most impressed with are Max Berkowitz (http://maxsiphotos.tumblr.com/), Jordi Pou (http://kokovoko.info/), Jose Chavarry (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jfchavarry/) and Glyn Evans(http://www.flickr.com/photos/iphoneography/).

3. Where are you from and what do you do? (a little generic I know)

Originally, I am from a small town in Colorado. I moved to Phoenix, AZ for college and ended up hanging around Phoenix for another few years until I finally decided I had had enough of the heat. I moved my wife and first child out to Maryland back in 2002 when an opportunity opened up to transfer to a new office with my same company. Being from Colorado I love the outdoors and spend much of my free time hiking, biking, and camping.

4. How has your work evolved and been affected by the inherently social aspect of mobile photography?

For me, it’s been a fantastic voyage in to the realm of possibilities. Every time I think that I have seen all that’s possible to create in mobile photography I find someone who blows my mind with a whole new technique that I never would have dreamed of using. I just love seeing what others are doing and to learn from their creations. Everything I see becomes an opportunity for me to learn and grow in this medium. I also love being a part of this community that is being built specifically around mobile photography and find that I can become closer to people I know only online than I am with some of my friends and neighbors that I see on a daily basis.

5. Are you working on any specific artistic projects that you would like to talk about? (photo books in the works, etc.)

Nothing currently.

6. What five things can you not live without?

  • My iPhone
  • My family
  • My dog, Boo (she’s a sweetie and makes a great subject, too!)
  • Summer vacation (I work hard and I like to play hard, too)
  • Did I mention my iPhone?

7. Top five / ten photo apps & highlight a few to describe how they fit in your photo workflow.

  • Snapseed - currently this one is absolutely on the top of my list. I just can’t seem to get enough of the grunge and vintage effects. Both have an extensive range of controls that let me have total control over my pictures. And the selective control feature, which allows you to control brightness, contrast, or saturation, on specific areas in an image, is amazing – I don’t think another app out there has anything equivalent.
  • PhotoToaster - it’s a great photo app with a funny name. This one gives me such granular control of the look of a picture that I almost always defer to it for finishing off my pictures, whether it’s adjusting exposure or color, or just finishing off with a frame.
  • PictureShow - This app was probably one of the first handful of apps that I purchased and it’s remained in my camera bag ever since. I don’t use it nearly as much now as I did in the past, but when I want to quickly apply an effect on a picture I know I can count on PictureShow to do the trick.
  • Juxtaposer - I have found many ways to use this app for more then just putting a dog’s head on someone. This app has really let me explore my creativity and come up with some beautiful and unique pictures.
  • Others that I can’t live without: Hipstamatic, TiltShift Generator, ProHDR, AutoStitch, and LensFlare.
Don’t forget to check out our show on November 9th feature Scott and 22 other selected mobile photographers from the local MD / VA / DC area.